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The Oahu GP by Hello Meteor


Become a tropical highway champion in Hello Meteor’s Oahu GP. With palm trees, the moon, and melon skies in your rear view, navigate winding switchbacks and beachside roadways with finesse and style.

Oahu GP slips between your fingers; a memory in a catalog or camouflaged among a wall of competitors. Whispers of shortcuts and unlockables persist among hushed conversations in the corner of a long-forgotten arcade.

Enter the driver’s seat and take the wheel for a sunset expedition across an eye-popping Hawaiian landscape.


Buy on Bandcamp to receive the hidden Bonus Stage track!

Available Everywhere!

©Hello Meteor and Evergreen Prefecture, 2021
released May 11, 2021

All art and music by Hello Meteor with the exception of the super rad pixel art by aleha_84.

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