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Mombassa Groove EP by Kellie Sakkaku

In the Buen Retiro in the morning it was as fresh as though it was a forest. It was green and the trunks of the trees were dark and the distances were all new. The lake was’ not where it ha been and when they saw it through the trees it was quite changed. “You walk ahead,” she said. “I want to look at you,”-So he turned away from her and walked to where there was a bench and sat down. He could see a lake at a long distance and knew it was too far to ever walk to. He sat there on the bench and she sat down beside him and said, “It’s all right.” . But remorse had been there to meet him in the Retiro and now it was so bad he told Catherine that he would meet her at the cafe of The Palace. “Are you all right? Do you want me to come with you?” “No. I’m all right. I just have to go.” “I’ll see you there,” she said. She looked particularly beautiful that morning and she smiled
at their secret and he smiled at her and then took his remorse to the cafe. He did not think he would make it but he did and later when Catherine came he was finishing his second absinthe and the remorse was gone. “How are you, Devil?” he said. The new Shango Records single is a Mombassa Devil one and comes by the two low profile gentlemen called Kellie Sakkaku. Remixes are provided by Echonomist, Uper Acid Band and ZebraCak3. These tracks will send you to another time and place.
released January 19, 2020