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Biomigrant – Las Américas by Biomigrant

Frente Bolivarista is proud to present to you the North American multi-instrumentalist Michael Alfred Wagner aka Biomigrant. This brave man took an incredible bike journey throughout the American continent down to Colombia where he found himself and settled his studio and inspirations.

“Biomigrant – Las Américas” is a collection of stories, told more through sound than words; a collage of field recordings, original instrumentation, and carefully constructed beats that explore the beauty, pain, contradictions, and joy of everyday life on the American continent.

Street parties in the Colombian pacific,
Rain prayers in central México,
Verses of African resistance in the Caribbean,
Sonic memories of an oasis in Baja California,
Introspective footsteps, lost in the jungles of the Sierra Nevada,
The faded colors of a picó and a taste of palm wine,
A personal reaffirmation of the struggle to learn and grow,
And a collective remembrance of our fragmented history.
released February 6, 2020

– Percussions: Arnulfo Mancera , Waidis de Jesus Ortega Miranda (track 6)
– Spoken word: Jaime Ocampo and Natali Fosado (track 2), Eustiquia Amaranto (track 3), Gina, Maya, Emilia, Coral, Vanina, Celina, Miren, and Patty (track 9)
– Production, Analog Drums/Synths: Ueli Peter “Oilst” (track 3)
– Trumpet: Jorge Emilio Pardo “El Leon Pardo” (track 6)
– Guitar: Tomas Salcedo (track 6)
– Voice, Silver Flute, Colombian Gaita, Trumpet, Keys/Synths, Guitars, Percussion, Production, Mixing: Michael Alfred Wagner (Biomigrant)
– Mastering: Sebastián Cordovés
– Cover Art: Juliana Lira (
– Distribution: Musicdeli

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In Memory of Camilo Jimenez ✞