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Tropical Moon by Moonanga

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This is the story of two universes united by one same project.

Born from the fusion between world & electronic music, Moonanga brings out an innovative and captivating style. They dig for inspiration in different genres such as Digital Cumbia, Electro-World, Neo-Traditional, Tropical Bass or even Psychedelic Rock.

This duo, formed by Maud Cavalade (accordion, slam, organ, kalimba) and Sébastien Cheppe (guitar, machines) will take you on a borderless journey.

C’est l’histoire de deux univers, uni vers un même projet.
Né d’une fusion entre world & Electronic Music, Moonanga distille un style innovant et envoûtant.

Ils puisent leurs inspirations dans des styles tel que la Cumbia digital,
l’Electro World, le Néo Trad, Tropical Bass ou encore le Rock Psychédélique.

Ce duo formé par Maud Cavalade (accordéon, slam, orgue, kalimba)
et Sébastien Cheppe (Guitare,machines) vous… more
released November 16, 2018

Recorded at Studio Moonanga, Toulouse France
Mix and Mastering by Sébastien Cheppe at Studio Moonanga

Maud Cavalade – painting
David Auriol – graphic design

All tracks writing by Maud Cavalade and Sébastien Cheppe at Studio Moonanga.

All rights reserved – Maud Cavalade, Sébastien Cheppe and Folcore Records

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