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B​á​ilalo tu tambi​é​n by Jaguar

The modus operandi of Colombian duo Jaguar is to make you dance, and this couldn’t be any clearer on their latest single “Bailalo Tu También” (“You Dance It, Too”). From the moment the syncopated beat kicks this one off, there are nods to Freeez’s robotic Brit funk (especially in those 80s drum sounds) and ESG’s taut disco but, above all, with that knee-knocking bounce beat, stabs of brass and raw-yet-suave vocal there is no doubt this one has Colombia’s Caribbean coast at its heart. We’re talking champeta fina with a dash of zouk and calypso for good measure, the sounds that regularly reverberate at the iconic block parties along Colombia’s coastline.

Jaguar are Paulo and Raúl, the former taking care of the arrangements and production, and the latter in charge of vocals and guitar. On “Bailalo Tu También” they are joined by Carela on the trumpet, one of many collaborators on their debut album Madremonte who like Jaguar are united in a vision of a world at its best when the dance floor is palpitating.
“Bailalo Tu También” is the sweet sheen of a sweat-sway of friends dancing together, a spray of sand being whipped up behind their twisting heels. It wastes no time in getting into its groove, interjecting like sudden sunshine after a storm. After the past year we’ve all had, it’s exactly what we need right now.

released July 16, 2021
Mastering and cut at The Carvery Studio
Artwork by Daria Meckhart
Jaguar is Raúl Parra and Paulo Olarte