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Zeppadella Reborn by Landhouse

Never allowed to leave the protection of her palace, Princess Zeppadella wished for more. All her life she was kept away from the harm and evil in the world, forever on the inside, looking out. At night she would sneak through the garden to hear the music and sounds of excitement in the distance. There she could dance and imagine unhindered, her only companion was a delicate Nightflower that would bloom every evening.

Like the Princess, it could only be free at night, alone, with no one to witness it’s beauty. Over the years, Princess Zeppadella grew older and the Nightflower kept blooming, together they lived a secret life only they controlled. One rainy evening, the Princess climbed out to the garden to find her nocturnal companion was not there, the Nightflower was closed. She tried to wake it up but it would not stir. When the Princess returned the next morning, she found her friend laying dried on the dirt.

Now she was alone. Through her tears she noticed, in the air and all around her, the wind was carrying the Nighflowers seeds. Princess Zeppadella saw them float over the palace walls and knew then, what she had to do.
Everyone has a forgotten Princess inside them, what she secretly dreams of is as personal as how long she dances for.

Do you remember?

Written by Landhouse in Karlsruhe
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released July 19, 2022