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So​ñ​ando by Acid Coco

Each album hides a listening rhythm, a journey that illuminates us towards an experience. And like any trip, pleasant surprises enrich our spirit. “Soñando” is one of those themes that flow by themselves and are captured on the fly. Paulo and Andrea had decided to take air to compose a cumbia, they had a moment of rest in the park without forgetting pencil and notebook. And suddenly, creativity acted as a guide, leading the duo to compose lyrics.

Resplendent and fresh, which led to cumbia fusion, a key piece in the heart of the new album, surprising, unexpected, exciting. This is “Soñando”, the new single from Acid
Coco, that far from a digression is a flourish in the middle of the new album of this duo , never better said, dreamers of independent Latin music.

released January 21, 2022