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Almanecer by Hajna & Mina Shankha

lmanecer is a portal, a mystical metaphor for the concept of “Birth of the Soul”, an awakening to consciousness through sound harmonies and frequencies on a very special journey. A treasure that will give endless beauty and peace to whoever takes the time to discover it.
In a new collaboration between the creative energies of the great artist Mina Shanka, bringing a unique magic with her almost heavenly voice, plus the talented and eclectic producer Hajna, prolific creator of big releases for Cosmovision Records and more. Both artists from France with a passion for the sounds of global folklore and electronic music, today they come together again to sculpt a meaningful musical piece full of soul and love for music.

The EP consists of 3 original songs which is enriched with 4 remixes full of musical synchrony that explore the most electronic sounds as well as the ideas most linked to Latin American folklore by figures such as DVNIEL, Manu Ela, Intiche and Atemporal.
We leave with you this unique trip that we hope will bring you a lot of peace and good vibes, just as it did with us, thank you very much for sharing!

Mastering by Hajna (

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released January 13, 2023

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