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Colombian Music PowerHouses Vol. 3 by Galletas Calientes Records

ENGLISH (Español abajo).

In the present time and throughout the past Colombia has proven itself to be a country of music. Our Colombian Music Powerhouses compilation, that brings together 8 key independent labels who joined forces to present a grasp of the immense variety of genres and cultural background of the local scene, presents a selection of the finest Colombian music released lately. This third volume shouldn’t prevent the public to dig deeper into this diverse and intriguing musical world. This Independent Record Labels alliance is always trying to expand, to be stronger and open-minded, for this year we are really excited to present the work of In-Correcto who has joined to be the 8th label in the adventure.

The “Colombian Music PowerHouses” are:
Palenque Records
Polen Records
Sonidos Enraizados
Tambora Records
Llorona Records
Mambo Negro Records
Galletas… more
released October 2, 2020

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