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Odyssey of Pigs and Ficus (CURUBA 006) by Shimon

H E A R ( I )T

The Heart of the Ficus is booming, moving, calling for Psychedelia
Simon bring us in his universe for the very first time trough a complete journey
The Odyssey of Pigs and Ficus
A cup of strong brew – Alkaloides fill your head with visions
Ethereal synths & organic drums lead you to tormented spaces, untangle the knots, and here you can understand the balance.

Discussing, Partying and making music with Simon over the past months showed us how curious and involved he is in this beautiful adventure which is musical creation. It is such an pleasure for us to be part of the beginning of his adventure.
The journey has been joined by amazing remix from Biralo, Alaix Pulse and Cosmic & Damião
Enjoy the ride

Artwork by Arnaud Gross (Coco20)
released January 13, 2019

Shimon, Biralo, Alaix Pulse, Cosmic & Damião, Arnaud Gross