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MTSVANE by Downtempo Rituals

Dear friends, we are delighted to present to you our first compilation:
‘Mtsvane’ in Georgian language means Green, the color Green carries the vibration of growth, harmony, new beginnings, health, renewal, harmony, hope, peace, and environment.
Exactly one year ago we started our new year with lots of positive intentions, unstoppable musical rituals, love, endless dances, and hugs.
At that time we couldn’t possibly imagine any of the outcomes we all are dealing with right now.
An idea we are about to share with you has always been there.
We have been circling around it, and 2020 made all more clear: it was time for action, It was time to dedicate ourselves to something bigger than all of us.
With this movement, we’d like to spread the word into our community that we all are capable of doing more, with what we love.
We believe that the only way to say thanks to our Mother Earth, who suffers so much especially last period, is to leave something after us.
The whole revenue from album sales will serve global reforestation.
Nothing from this would be possible if not for the enormous support from all the artists involved.
We are beyond grateful for this compilation, in which you’ll find a glorious selection of downtempo, electronic, ethnic, folk, deep, tribal melodies.

We have teamed up with a non-profit organization,
‘’One tree planted’’.
After collecting the revenue for the planting season, everyone involved in this project will choose a region and every dollar will plant a tree.
Below you can find all the info about the organization, its past and future projects :

Album Cover Design: bens_jraun

Mastering : Robert Trifunović
released January 11, 2021