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Lembrança by Barda

We are proud to present a beautiful new EP by argentinean producer, musician and teacher Barda, a rising star of the new South American wave.

“Lembrança” is her first release of original tracks following her debut album “Gruta” released in 2015 via Fertil Discos. Inspired by Argentina’s Alto Valle and the arid bardas del desierto of Patagonia, Cecilia Gebhard presents five tracks built around guitar recordings, charango, percussions, analog and digital synthesizer patterns to create a counterpoint of beautiful, deep and dancefloor orientated textures. Five rhythms and five journeys.

In the last years, Barda had performed across many different latitudes, showcasing her music at WOMEX17, Fusion Festival (GER), Festival Nómade (CHI), MUTEK18 (AR) and many more. She is also the name behind one of the major electro-organic events in Buenos Aires, “Plantasia”.

“Lembrança”, is released by Shika Shika on a limited edition 12″ vinyl and also features a very special remix by Berlin producer M.RUX (YNFND).

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released October 26, 2018

Produced, recorded and mixed by Cecilia Gebhard a.k.a. BARDA
Except Mofletes (M.RUX remix) mixed by M.RUX
Cover art. Fores (
Mastering : Robert Small