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Multiverso Tropical by El Extravagante


Inspired by psychedelia, surrealism and referring to the theories of quantum physics about multiple parallel Universes, the EP ¨Multiverso Tropical¨ was born with 5 songs that play with the aesthetics of the Amazonian Cumbia sound, Psychedelic Rock, Dembow and Acid, 100% for the dancefloor.

The questioning of the material world as we know it has been present in numerous manifestations of science, spirituality and art, from the Surrealist Paris (of the 20s as well, but of the last century), the spirituality of the Andean & Amazonian cultures and the Hippie North America. Tropical Multiverse comes at an unusual moment for humanity, however, it is presented as a musical work that proposes something new and coincides with the beginning of a new era.

¨I thank Aroma and Ultra K for their remixes and Hawai Bonsai for believing in this somewhat “unusual” approach. I hope everyone dances a lot this release since we have a lot of life, art and party still to enjoy in this world! Thanks a lot¨

El Extravagante
Montreal, Canada. April 2020