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Habibitronics by Gan Gah

Gan Gah presents his 3rd EP on Lowup records, further refining his signature sound.

Sawt Al Mashreq combines a debke rhythm from Palestina/Lebanon with a trap estetic to create a mysterious and bewitching oriental banger. A Bewitching spell is being cast.

Rwina is Daâwa’s (check Gan Gah – Chaâbitronics) twin track. Serving entrancing chaabitronics built around Raï & Reggada themes with some funky bass action evoke a club like atmosphere. Rwina means ‘fuck it up’ (in a good sense).

Maalaya Dance is the special one, it has a very particular style, like the equivalent of Makossa and Mapouka. It’s a pure arab afro rhythm. The style is played by pearl diving fisherman and during ceremonies. Adding his signature sound this results in a hard hitting and uplifting affair. Good for some funky booty twerking moves.
released February 22, 2019