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Tu No Me Vas Remixes EP by Cigarra

The Brazilian Lisbon-based multifaceted artist Cigarra (Ágatha Barbosa) has been clearly showing versatility as a producer. Despite her immersive research of sample appropriation – plunderphonics and copyleft – unveiling a popular, peripheral, contemporary, global blend production; Cigarra’s last EP titled “Ato” (released on the beloved Tropical Twista Records, 2018) stepped away a little from the dancefloor and pushed her creative process to the forefront of an intersection between music, theater, protest, performance, communication and emotion.

Evolving skills over experiences and performing with other narrative languages, the three tracks on “Ato” showcase collaborative productions from distinct artistic niches and differ from those found in her first “Limbica” EP; showing a more refined, accurate Cigarra’s side; including being able to recreate politely from samples, lines, field recordings, noises, voices that were turned into bases and bass lines. Being the track with the most feedback from the EP, “Tu No Me Vas” reflects the message that Cigarra carries with herself today and also part of the soundtrack for Cia. Nosotras’s “Prantos Invisíveis” acting, a strong and urgent track of women marching on, cracking up everything wherever they go.The phrase that kicks off the production was taken from a song by Franco-Chilean singer Ana Tijoux, in this context, the graft is fervently sung by the actresses in the respective play, having its first version recreated and adapted in order to get an oriented-dancefloor setting, reverberating a poetic portrait of the immigration of Latin American women to Sao Paulo. Somehow, it reflected an ability to connect with the listener without following usual cues in music.

Vocal textures, various moods, and crafty rhythms. These sentences outline what this EP brings to the table. With contrasting and complementary lines to some extent, the choice of artists to create remixes came organically, uniting expressions and interpretations; weaving through floating ambiance, pop-infused pastures, funk 150bpm and vocals featuring throughout. Maracuyá brought in an ethereal interpretation, relinquishing the original samples of voices, and adding strengthness coming from other female singing voices by Guápil, original Costa Rican music project. The Japanese experimental-wizard Ground features a delicate version with more organic midtempo creative references. R Vincenzo with his peculiar performing style and techniques related with ‘baile funk’ universe (Brazilian popular electronic scene), uses the machines for repetition, vocal percussion and hypnotic collages. Finishing up the package, the Brazilian duo Venga Venga goes from the eccentricity of remote cultures to the most metropolitan subversion, genuinely reinterpreting it.

Well beyond her assured rhythmic touch that underpins previous works, Cigarra stays intuitive. With a passion for celebrating global female sounds, she manages the label Hystereofônica, constantly featuring cutting edge artists in an intense attempt to provide “visibility to half of the planet that lives in the shadow of the history”, because no matter what kinda music you were into, there are women making it with just as much class, skill and passion as men do. Then, fleeing from the strictly musical plan and running away from conventions, which is taken from the experimental freedom in her work, she kept the alternative world close to her craft.

released December 27, 2019

Artwork\ Cigarra

Mastering\ Luisa Puterman


Original track: ‘Tu No Me Vas’ by Cigarra

Remixes by:
Maracuyá feat. Guápil |