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SUENA #6 San Ignacio / VJ: Laetitia

San Ignacio is an Argentine musician and producer. He works with a mixture of diverse genres, rhythms and imaginary, but always rooted in Latin America and Argentina.
Rhythms of Folklore, cumbia, Andean sounds and soft synthesizers that merge with contemporary poetry, archival material and political speeches reflecting a search that goes from the city to the countryside, from the present to the history and from the contemporary music towards the traditions.

Leticia “Laetitia” Bobbioni is Director of Photography, Teacher and Researcher of narration, light and movement. Several years ago he is experimenting with the image from the place of VJ, showing his visuals at parties, events and exhibitions.

His works are a collage of images in which landscapes, colors, objects and subjects intersect products of visual records of his authorship that, anchored in the real and natural, are transformed into the digital and transport the viewer to an unreal psychedelic setting.