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Gata Groovera EP by VosyYo (Claudio Arditti y Gabriela Nemitz)

Gabriela Nemitz is Brazilian and Claudio Arditti is Argentine. Gabriela is a model and psychologist by profession, from a family of musicians; Claudio has been working in the electronic scene for about 30 years, in addition to producing music. Together, creatively integrate themselves into the Chile-based duo VosyYo, a new electronic music project – seriously, a brand-new one since they only started working together a few months ago. There’s no major stylistic unity in the production line, as part of the magic of their productions which blur the sound lines inspired by styles as samba, rock, rap and folk. Moreover, the aim is always the same: to give listeners an opportunity to dive into different worlds within electronic music, a diverse package of emotions – from euphoria, happiness and exaltation to melancholy.

Originally was born in Chile, but the project’s productions tend to be more closely linked to Argentine and Brazilian aesthetics, but nothing surprising, given the members’ origins. Claudio started playing since he was a little boy with cassette tape and vinyl, soon he was exploring each new manner of making music that was emerging, for several years now he’s a music producer, with his personal namesake project and two other dual projects – INMD and… more
released May 7, 2020

Artwork\ Orfeosun

Layout\ Bruno Blancato

Tracks 01 & 02\ Arthur Carneiro ‘El Peche’

Track 03\ Murillo Faleiros ‘mandruvá’

Tracks 01 & 02\ VosyYo (Claudio Arditti y Gabriela Nemitz)

Track 03\ AVGVSTVS

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