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Visions by Statues by eclectics


Eclectics serves up a soothing elixir for troubled times.

Essex-based trio Statues make their label debut with a four-track EP showcasing two original compositions, each with its own remix.

“Lele” begins with a marimba ringing out – a Balearic clarion call if ever there was one. What follows is live and direct. Keyboard lines that glisten and atmospheres that bed in and circle around you, leaving you dazed but never fazed. 

Birmingham’s Flamingo Flame step up to the plate for remix duties and use some weighty acid lines and a beautiful vocal to anchor the spirit of the original to something altogether more terrestrial, but no less magical.

“Visions” on the other hand is a tantric delight – all build and the promise of potential. Proving once and for all that soul isn’t a four-letter word, saxophone, keys, strings and delayed guitar build a suitably jazz-infused backdrop for the subtle vocal to move around, while the listener gets lost in the detail. And let’s face it – we could all do with losing ourselves in something these days.

“Papa” Max Manetti, fresh from his vinyl debut with Eclectics, takes the baton for remix duties on this one, translating it into… more
released March 19, 2020

Produced by Bradley Lucke
Keys – Mark Crooks
Vocals – Laura Maidment
Guitar – Grant Carruthers
Saxophone – Greg Meehan
Bass/Drums/Strings – Bradley Lucke

Produced by Bradley Lucke
Marimba/Keys – Mark Crooks
Vocals – Laura Maidment
Saxophone – Greg Meehan
Bass/Drums/Guitar/Strings – Bradley Lucke

Mastering by Sentrall Studios
Art by Santi Oviedo
Copy by Jah Shabby