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Earthly Tapes 03 by Earthly Measures

After just over a year-long hiatus from the Earthly Tapes series – the 3rd Chapter is finally upon us. Offering more mind-altering tracks to the series, we welcome 6 new members to the Earthly Measures familia!

We kick things off with ‘Comets (part I & II)’, the first release by ORSO, the new musical project from Jean Dasso AKA Yeahman, stepping into club and drum music. Alongside faster rhythms, he is influenced by UK Break music, African dances and traditional instruments. In the opening track for Earthly Tapes 03, we’re taken through a two chapter journey led by modular melodic loops, old traditional voices samples, ORSO’s own recordings.

We then take a trip to Argentina as we welcome Balam to the EM family, join him as he takes you on a daydream across the Latin-American rainforest where synthesizers and nature collide to make the perfect mix, guided by a voice from the deep jungle. ‘Ensueño’ is a dance-floor tool for both the start and end of the night.

Japanese native Mamazu brings up the tempo for the third track ‘Tombi’. Transporting us to a hypnotic and hedonistic state as delightful aerophones sound with the exotic chant delivering the feeling of a dry breeze from the unseen frontier. Another dance floor ripper!

The B-side starts with ‘Voces’, a track inspired by the music that Chilean artist DJ Raff’s mum listened to when he was a teenager making beats in his bedroom. He used to take her records and tapes to sample and make boom-bap beats at the time. Every time he showed her a new beat, she had the ability to recognize the track that he sampled. Voces is influenced by both Spanish and Chilean 70’s music, although very deconstructed and hidden.

Ditti takes us through ever-twisting waves as we swim upstream, spot the time and take off… welcome to ‘Poly Party’. The soundtrack to a carnivalesque funked out ballad on a Polynesian beach shifting between slide & ride, cutting synths and dripping flows.

We wrap things up with ‘Small Town Rebellion’, a story told by Scottish producer Kusht – this downtempo chugger reflects the story of a young man in a dead-end town with no future. He needs to break his fate and carve his own path by revolting and manifesting his own destiny.