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A Todos No Céu by DJ Doraemon

Those who keep close tabs on the always-evolving Lisbon music scene are sure to have seen DJ Doraemon’s name by now. Possessing an impressive work rate for someone who is still only 22 years old – in 2019 alone he’s put out over 10 releases including several singles, EPs and an album – with the release of his Enchufada debut ‘A Todos No Céu’ Ivan Lima isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in 2020.

After becoming a regular presence at Enchufada’s monthly club residency ‘Na Surra’ where he impressed with his high-energy DJ sets, we knew we had to get even more involved with such a talented young producer. After going through a 1GB file full of some of the most urgent and raw afrohouse and tarraxo demos we’d heard in ages, we had to stop scrolling when we came to ‘A Todos No Céu’.

The title is Portuguese for ‘To All Those in Heaven’, representing DJ Doraemon’s personal homage to his grandparents who are no longer with us, a fitting title for his most vital and urgent music yet. His new release is an unashamedly dancefloor-focused epic, built purposefully to ignite DJ sets on the back of its huge dramatic synth stabs and a relentless, stripped-down and pulsating beat, clearly inspired by (and simultaneously pushing the limits of) the afrohouse and kuduro templates that have influenced some of the most important music made in the Portuguese capital over the past decade.
released February 21, 2020

Written, Produced and Mixed by DJ Doraemon
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering

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