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Beni Lane EP by iZem

Often writing music whilst crossing continents, French producer, musician and DJ iZem found a new home in Lisbon, Portugal. After moving to the Portuguese capital five years ago, a period during which he released his 2016 album ‘Hafa’ on Soundway, the nomadic artist dove headfirst into the city’s exciting global club scene and started working on bringing his signature soulful and vocal vibe to the club dance floor, and the result is his Enchufada debut release ‘Beni Lane EP’.

Expertly introducing afro-house and heavier percussive elements to his jazzy and hip-hop inflected approach to global sounds, ‘Beni Lane EP’ opens up a new chapter in iZem’s prolific music output with its upbeat and dance floor-focused vibe, while still maintaining his organic and melodic approach to music firmly intact. This is the direct by-product of iZem’s deep dive into the Lisbon music scene, as the syncopated beats that blast loudly from the city’s clubs and streets further contribute to shaping his unique musical personality. From Major Stef’s collage of jazz drum solos to vocal-lead Frikii (feat. Fehdah), where he reworks a vocal from his debut album to fit big room dance floors at 3am, Shebeen Chic’s bass music and dub influenced breaks, to the titular Beni Lane’s colourful celebration of Lisbon’s pulsating and syncopated beats, iZem has established himself as a unique and vital voice in the global club music scene.

‘Beni Lane EP’ follows the release of a single to become his first proper release on Enchufada, as iZem continues his ongoing exploration of the global club sounds of his new home.
released June 29, 2018