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Ojo Del Agua – SoloKa | Live @ Tulum Jungle Cenote (Janax Pacha & J.Pool)

Today in alignment this Lunar Eclipse & Scorpio Full Moon, my brother Janax Pacha and I have decided to share the first official video of our new live project “SoloKa”.

We have been developing this project and concept over the last year, mostly here in the Jungle in Tulum, and until now mostly a secret.

This video “Ojo Del Agua” was recorded live, in one take, in front of a sacred Cenote (mysterious bodies of water that only exist in the Yucatan province of Mexico). The idea of our project Soloka is that we are completely improvising together in the moment, channeling the energy of the space and environment. We have no idea what will come out, every journey is different as we alchemize frequencies & energy into sound while live looping and arranging everything as it flows out of us.

More than anything, SoloKa is about playing with energy. Music is frequencies organized in time in a harmonic way and this somehow makes us humans feel something. We are here to interpret vibrations, to ride waves of emotion and feeling, to embrace our inner LoKa, and to have fun doing it.

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