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Código de Barras by A.k.Adrix

It’s a notable albeit curious departure from batida’s thunderous, disruptive core, but such mutations are inevitable in hyper-local strands of dance music. Besides, it’s captivating to hear this sound rendered with such melody and warmth.


Adrix further develops his mutant batida grooves from inside the UK. A.K.A. himself, broadcasting beats from Manchester, very succinct rhythmic messages such as the longest “Positividades” at 02:42.

Well over 2 years after the hotly received “Álbum Desconhecido”, these 2020 slick and tone-rich signature tunes beg for careful listening and, yes, many of the 11 tracks are actually songs rather than beat tracks. Any way you choose to categorize them, these are rough and ready shakers that dispense any conceptual exercises or excess of narrative. Point proved by closer “Desenhos Animados”: brief, playful and curiously reminiscent of avantgarde composition for children’s bodily expression.

With barely no intros, the music on the album jumps right to the point, developing a whole cycle of life just as some insects leave lasting impressions during their short life-span. Much in the same way, the tracks appear to us as alien life forms.
released November 13, 2020

Written and produced by A.k.Adrix
Mastered by Tó Pinheiro da Silva
Artwork by Márcio Matos