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DJ Hiphoppapotamus Hippo Sound System – Music For Your Mind EP Ft. Spyda, K.O.G & Franz Von

DJ Hiphoppapotamus
Tristan Shaw / Bristol

It gives me so much excitement to finally share with you the debut release from my collective Hippo Sound System! As a collective of producers, musicians and vocalists we explore new fusions of world music with sound system culture. Producing intelligent and organic dance music that is enriching for both the body and soul.

The title track “Music For Your Mind” fuses funky East African grooves with a classic drum & bass beat and features the legendary D&B MC Spyda as well as Ghanaian powerhouse K.O.G & Jamaican rapper Franz Von.

Love Goes Where Love is a euphoric fusion of jungle music with soukous inspired guitar and is accompanied by beautiful vocal messages from both K.O.G & Fran Von.

Into the Jungle is our tribute to the legendary Francis Bebey and is a psychedelic junglist’s journey into the heart the jungle itself! We call this new sub genre… ‘liquid-afro-jungle’ !!!

The full EP will be available on all platforms from 20/5/20 and you can pre-order from bandcamp now:

Big hippo love! x
releases May 20, 2020

Produced by: Tristan Shaw AKA DJ Hiphoppapotmaus
Additional percussion and production: Leon Mook
Artwork by Michael Boulton
Mastered by: Kushty Beats