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Atlantic River Drive by James Stewart feat. Ayuune Sule

James Stewart is the host, resident DJ and promoter of monthly night “Black Atlantic Club” in Lyon & Grenoble, France. Borrowing the term “Black Atlantic” from renowned scholar Paul Gilroy’s 1993 book, Stewart presents “black music” as a transnational, incredibly diverse cultural exchange. An avid lecturer, blogger, DJ and radiohost on the subject of “black music” for many years, James Stewart eventually started producing his own music after taking on the congas in several cumbia and afrobeat bands. Delving in the rich and thriving music scene in Lyon, he was keen to gather around him a handful of talented musicians to contribute to the making of his debut EP, which came out in 2018 on Swiss tropical heads Alma Negra’s record label.

James Stewart comes back with his new EP « Atlantic River Drive » for Mawimbi Records, featuring two collaborations with Ghanaian kologo musician Ayuune Sule as well as two remixes from Simbad aka SMBD.

James Stewart met Ghanaian kologo musician Ayuune Sule, after booking several shows of kologo music star King Ayisoba in Lyon. Stewart was quick to witness the bluesy tone of Ayuune’s voice and his kindness as a musician, despite his impressive stature… more
released October 23, 2020

A1 Atlantic River Drive (feat. Ayuune Sule)

Vocals and kologo: Ayuune Sule
Guitar: Francis Larue
Bass guitar: Etienne Kermarc
Backing vocals: Margot Delat
Keyboard, bongos, percussion, drums: James Stewart
A2 Atlantic River Drive (feat. Ayuune Sule) – Loya Remix

A2 Where Are We Going? (feat. Ayuune Sule)

Vocals and kologo : Ayuune Sule
Bass: Etienne Kermarc
Bass clarinet: Vincent Granger
Tenor saxophone: Eugène Gaumeton
Baritone saxophone solo: Jérome Bartholomé
Keys: Paul Charnay
Bongos: David Doris
Percussion, drums and all other instruments: James Stewart

Vocals recorded by Bruno « Patchworks » Hovart
Lyrics written by James Stewart and Ayuune Sule
Written and produced by James Stewart
Arranged by Mikael Touanen
Mixed by Nicolas Taite

Remix & Add Production by Simbad aka SMBD on B1 & B2
Mixed at Welcome Park Studios, Cape Town

Mastered by Cem Oral
Artwork by Michael Sallit
Manufactured & distributed by The Pusher Distribution
All rights reserved © Mawimbi, 2020

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