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Hindustan by AROMA (IND)

English / Español (abajo)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has arrived to enter the mysterious lands of Hindustan, a place today is known as India but that gets this name from the ancient Persian. We welcome you to have a glimpse of the sounds from a legendary culture that has shaped a unique way of understanding art and beauty. For this, our friend Aroma directly from Delhi brings us his latest work: ¨Hindustan EP¨, a journey filled with beautiful sonic spaces plus 2 great remixes from Jack Essek and Twerking Class Heroes.

¨I have always been inspired by the diverse cultures, art & music that highlights the importance of traditions in different parts of the world. Most of my music emanates from nature, spirituality & culture, I thus call it ” spiritual world music ”.
This EP is a combination of classical Indian music with modern day electronic beats. All the tracks on the EP are named after a place in India as I aim for the listener to feel the cultural beauty of this place with each sound, to transcend to a dimension where happiness and love are the main motive and where everyone is equal.

There is a saying :”Music is the healer no matter where you are from and I totally believe in it with all… more
released November 25, 2019