Vale Das Águas Vivas (CT002) by Kid From Amazon

~ For the second release of the Curuba Tapes series, dive into Kid From Amazon’s dreamy valley ~ “ Vale das Águas-Vivas (Valley of the lively waters) is the sonic embodiement of 5 peculiar dreams, illustrated each by one of the 5 tracks. as an attempt to channel the sounds, textures and feelings conveyed by these subconscious manifestations. Each of the different spaces depicted by the tracks, be-it calm or wavy, shares a common touristic spot, called the “Valley of Lively Waters”. The view there is beautiful.” Rafael Lima, Kid From Amazon On the B-side, 6 remixes deepen the sonic palette of the dreamy landscapes showcased on the other side. Alon.e dwelves into trancy synths and an IDM/trip-hopish groove for his version of Super Yellow Juice. Le Frit reconstructs Nunca Esperei por Ti. into a low-key, delicate and psychedelic dembow track. H2O gives a new life to Bamboo Flute with a playful version halfways between dub and synthwave. Guillerrrmo, straight from Manaus, member of São Paulo’s Mamba Negra, distorts the same track into a slow and powerful breakbeat heater. Manchester’s Obeka delivers a mesmerizing dancehall remix of Bury me, with Love, inspired by the track’s heady synths. Last but not least, Ditti re-harmonizes Escadarias into a colorful and quirky reinterpretation. credits released June 11, 2021 Original artists : Kid From Amazon, Jacques Default Remixers : Le Frit, H2O, Ditti, Alon.e, Guillerrrmo, Obeka Mastering : Alon.e Art Direction : Le Frit Artwork : Lua Kali Graphic design : Orane Hosten