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Hoy no moriré by El Dragon Criollo

Hoy no moriré”, the new single from El Dragón Criollo is a great representative of “Pase Lo Que Pase,” one of those albums that takes you to another place. In this case, the Brazilian air of its rhythm and the sounds it drops evoke the journey, as well as hidden influences in the lyrics ignite the surprise. “Hoy No Moriré” is essentially percussion and guitar with direct ideas, openly, that tell stories. Thus we also face that of a character who faces social injustice every day and has tired of fighting, but surprisingly, we did not find him down, in the chorus he tells us very clearly: “Hoy no morire” and with it It shows that it resists, because those best longed-for times will come.

El Drágon Criollo is presented to us in its most playful, cheerful way without neglecting the realism that characterizes it, that which allows it to achieve an original and original sound, from a very particular culture, a space that each one can describe in their own way , but that never leaves indifferent, thus representing the past, present and future of the Colombian Caribbean.

released November 5, 2021