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Warmth by Cole Odin by eclectics

ECLECTICS RELEASE This Kitchen Is For Dancing/The Warmth of your Sun By Cole Odin

Eclectics celebrates its 17th in style, with a release full of invention, ambition and forward momentum.

Lockdown may have confined us to our homes, but the music still takes us somewhere else. It’s a fact not lost on San Francisco DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cole Odin, who lightens the mood and lifts the spirits with two new tracks: “This Kitchen Is for Dancing” and “The Warmth of your Sun”.

With “Kitchen” Odin uses looping, motorik momentum and endlessly inventive guitar motifs to create a sonic landscape that’s satisfyingly familiar and yet littered with sonic signposts to new, exotic destinations. It proves that you don’t need decking or bi-fold doors to bring the outdoors indoors – you just need a soundsystem.

Bristol-based producer and DJ Jack Priest puts an elasticated snap back into the beats for his blissful, bass-heavy remix and manages to find an extra minute and a half behind the toaster while he’s at it. Taking the kitchen disco into cosmic territory, the result is flawless, grown-up, slo-mo disco for the discerning dancefloor.

Odin’s second composition, “The Warmth of your Sun”… more
released June 17, 2020

Artwork by Santi Oviedo
Copy by Jah Shabby