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Sereia Remix by Rita Vian + Branko

Following the release of Vinte Vinte, the collaboration with the most critically acclaimed fado artist of her generation Ana Moura that kickstarted the year, Branko presents a new collaboration with up and coming Portuguese vocalist Rita Vian called Sereia Remix, confirming a new stage in the Enchufada founder’s musical journey where he brings traditional Portuguese music closer to global urban music phenomena with surprising results.

This new collaboration anticipates the release of a new DJ set by Branko, a video performance that was recorded live at the Portuguese mountain range of Serra da Estrela, where the DJ and producer reveals several personal interpretations of key songs from this new generation of Portuguese artists, including this new song with Rita Vian which they perform live and can be seen on Branko’s Youtube channel on October 22nd.

Just as Branko said in an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this year where he claims the concept of fado is about to change, “now the fun begins”.
released October 28, 2020

Written by Rita Vian, J.Barbosa
Lyrics by Rita Vian
Produced by Branko
Mixed and mastered by André Tavares at Atlântico Blue