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Subtropique by Nicola Cruz

Rhythm Section welcomes Nicola Cruz to the fold with his debut EP on the imprint, ‘Subtropique’, out on the 19th February. The new signing is announced with the hip-hop influenced lead single ‘Individuality Riddim’.

Inspired by an Ecuadorian upbringing, percussion is at the heart of how Nicola operates, with his style finding a natural home on the London label. Presenting 5 expansive efforts equally indebted to traditional drumming as they are to contemporary club sounds, ‘Subtropique’ remains sonically cohesive without feeling the need to settle to a definable style. The tracks are tied together by a lucid psychedelic thread, which despite challenging the expectations and fundamentals of electronic dance music, demand movement at a time where we yearn for it.

The EP is a new experiment for Nicola who had to strip back his setup to produce at home, using fewer elements. Noting the power of collaboration, Nicola enlisted long-time collaborator and master of drums Pablo Vincencio for ‘Zularic Permutations’. On ‘Barretto’, Nicola recognises the history of his influences, paying tribute to the North American percussionist Ray Barretto from the golden age of La Fania – a collective and record label originating in NYC… more
released February 19, 2021

Produced and written by Nicola Cruz
Percussion on Zularic Permutations by Pablo Vicencio
Artwork by AI White aka Crud
Mastering by Frank @ The Carvery

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