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Adiós pueblito de Iruya (Klik & Frik Remix) by El Remolón & Bárbara Silva

El Remolón is the alter ego of Andrés Schteingart, an Argentine musician and producer who experiments with different Latin American rhythms, in the universe that opens up when they are mixed with electronics. He has been part of the electronic cumbia movement and digital folklore since the beginning as a member of the ZZK crew and currently he is the one who leads the general direction of Fértil Discos.

Klik & Flik (aka Frikstailers) has one foot firmly on the dancefloor and the other one rooted deep in transcendental meditation. Their music has a unique approach to the ancestral and organic echoes of South America yet transposed for the 21st century with rich layers of electronic synthesizers and grooveboxes

El Remolón es el alter ego de Andrés Schteingart, músico y productor argentino que experimenta con distintos ritmos latinoamericanos, en el universo que se abre cuando se mezclan con la electrónica. Forma parte desde los inicios del movimiento de la cumbia electrónica y el folclore digital como integrante de la ZZK crew y actualmente es quién lleva adelante la dirección general de Fértil Discos.

Klik & Flik (también conocido como Frikstailers)… more
released September 9, 2020
El Remolón & Bárbara Silva – Adiós pueblito de Iruya (Klik & Frik remix)

Produced by Andrés Schteingart aka El Remolón
Vocal sample: Bárbara Silva
Remix by Klik & Frik
Mix by Andrés Oddone
Mastering by Juan Selecto

Artwork by Coreographix:

Executive Production: Folcore Records & Fértil Discos

El Camino de Leda project:
El Camino de Leda (album):