Running Away by caribombo (Pre-order)

Unwilling to face up to their responsibilities, Caribombo and his partners in crime Chichi Banana & Zongo Abongo ran away in opposite directions and found themselves conspiring together from Europe, South America and Africa to bring you “Running Away”, a big Soca-house tune with elements of Soukouss, Champeta and Dancehall. A 7” vinyl illustrated by Colombian rising star YODA will come out later this summer. Get ready for some serious tropical dance! Also featuring on this single is Colombian guitarist Fabian Morales (Los Bulldozer) and Venezuelan bass player Miguel Romero (La Gallera Social Club). On the flip, Acido Tamarindo is a more progressive, sun-soaked house tune with the amazing Guillaume Cros of Nkumba System on the guitar! Caribbean and African vibes, soca with a house twist and soulful soukous guitars. A new style is born from the hands of Venezuelan producer Caribombo, Ghanaian singer Zongo Abongo and French party starter Chichi Banana. Fusing the best of worldwide dance music cultures, new cut on Colombian imprint Galletas Calientes “Running Away” is an incredibly positive anthem for the worldwide discotheque aficionado. Haling from Ghana, Zongo Abongo sings here in English, Twi and Hausa. Read more in the “Running Away” track description. credits releases July 23, 2021 Running away: Produced by Caribombo, Chichi Banana & Zongo Abongo. Lead guitar by Chichi Banana. Solo guitar by Fabian Morales. Vocals by Zongo Abongo. Electric bass by Miguel Romero Acido Tamarindo: Produced by Caribombo. Guitars by Guillaume Cros.