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Olua LP by Phortah

Being on the Heimlich radar for some time, never losing track of Australia’s Phortah has resulted in the very first long play release by Heimlich Musik. Phortah’s debut album “Olua” drifts between the vibrant waves of ten tracks founded on a uniquely emotive sound and compositional style. The album courses a transformative evening, punctuated by a myriad of broken beats and straight four to the floor grooves. Organic performances of strings, vocals, flutes and percussion are featured in combination with analogue and digital synthesis and beat design. Phortah’s sound is at once nostalgic and gritty; incorporating also field recordings and noise. Olua journeys between flowing passages contrasted with abrupt and surprising moments.

The album was recorded and produced on Gumbaynggirr country in Bellingen and on Newry Island, New South Wales, Australia. The power of the surrounding rivers, forests and ocean have greatly influenced the music. Phortah acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land, the Gumbaynggirr people. Lila Swain recorded her vocals in Berlin. Given the spectrum of sound aesthetics, the album format appeared to be the only logical way to release this unique piece of art.
released May 4, 2019

Nicholas Gilchrist aka Phortah – Instrumental performances (guitars, bass guitar, synths, vocals, percussion), composition and production