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TUMBO is our production debut, and explores rhythms and genres that we grew up listening and dancing to. With its four percussive tracks, the EP takes elements from reggaeton, colombian guaracha, brazilian funk and venezuelan gaita, and includes samples that represent some of our biggest musical inspirations and aspirations. For us, the making of this EP was about collaborating, having fun and beginning to understand our own sound and process. We’re excited to share it, and to keep exploring.

TUMBO, nuestro primer EP, explora ritmos y géneros musicales con los que crecimos e incorpora elementos de reggaeton, dembow, guaracha, baile funk y gaita zuliana, y samples que representan algunas de nuestras principales inspiraciones y aspiraciones musicales. Hacer este EP fue una oportunidad para colaborar, divertirnos y empezar a entender nuestro propio sonido y proceso creativo. Nos emociona mucho compartirlo y seguir explorando.

We thank CUE Art Projects for their support in the making of this EP.

ANA LUISA is a Toronto-based DJ and producer from Caracas, Venezuela. She co-produces parties Veneno and Cuarenteca, and hosts Dimensión Ideal on ISO Radio.

Seb is a Toronto-based artist, writer and producer from Caracas, Venezuela.

released August 4, 2022

Produced by Ana Luisa and Seb
Mixed by Noam Fleischmann at Epilogue Studio
Mastered by Freeza Chin at Genesis Sound
Artwork by Ana Luisa and Seb, custom typeface and animation by Gremiana González

“Dembo” includes a sample of “Cotiza” by DJ Baba
“Tralla” includes a sample of “CUUUUuuuuuute” by Rosalía (Prod. By TAYHANA)
“Llórala” includes a sample of “Sabana” by Simón Díaz and an interpolation of “Salgo Pa La Calle” by Daddy Yankee & Randy (Prod. By Luny Tunes & Tainy)

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