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voodoocast 43 – Perrengue

raphael nascimento is @perrengue , dj and producer from aracaju, based in são paulo.

in brazilian portuguese, “perrengue” is an informal slang meaning a predicament with no easy escape, a somewhat difficult situation, hardship, trouble, inconvenience – and being a dj in the underground electronic scene in a third world country makes one not strange to some hurdles on the path, and as a way to reframe the negative sense of the word, raphael decided to embrace the name as a trophy of resilience in the face of so many struggles of being an independent artist trying to navigate the tricky business of being one in brazil.

hailing from the northeast, born in the smallest state of this continent-sized country, and based in sao paulo for the past 11 years, perrengue is well acquainted with both the extremes of the calm tediousness of his beach hometown and the chaotic restlessness of a gigantic landlocked megalopolis. from a family deeply connected to music, and since very young being around people engaged in the trade of producing events and performing, in the beginning of his own journey, he started producing small but deranged parties around the derelict sao paulo’s downtown and after a while, he began playing some tracks in afterparties, and soon he became part of the line up of his own parties – as a way of saving money for his ultra low budget events for a while and then went on being a resident in some parties around the city, having played in most of the iconic dancefloors of the underground scene in são paulo.

he was one of the founding members of the infamous (and now defunct) collective Kriança Esperança, and later went to found the artist collective Quack (@quackcoletivo), which for the past years had gathered some following, promoting wild parties and occupying the streets with illegal events, a carnival block, and some showcases in festivals and parties in the city and elsewhere. perrengue has been playing in voodoohop parties since 2017, and is the producer and curator of “isso é muito voodoohop”, a weekly radio show at with over 60 editions so far, bringing artists from all over the world to play some tunes every saturday night.

a psychedelia aficionado, perrengue’s style is of organized mess and thoughtful chaos, as he relies on mixing and layering many diverse elements, creating improvised mashups, adding ripped dialogues from movies or wierd youtube videos, gluing whatsapp audio messages from friends, sampling traditional percussion backing tracks to some unrelated styles of music, stretching, cutting, looping and wooving every deck available to form one cohesive (yet tangled up) sound. he loves bending genres, either by mixing things like techno with samba, playing some kitschy pop song from the 90s with some crazy syncopated downtempo kick loop and adding some unexpected track just to make the floor laugh while dancing in the most earnest fun possible.

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tracks and samples from:
– timothy leary’s last regrets interview
– cristobal tapia de veer – gifted
– benny benassi – satisfaction (ox downtempo edit)
– peter power – jungle level
– xaman – ivicti
– ponty mython – universe of pops
– manfredas – meshugas
– xique-xique – senhor carangueju
– twerking class heroes – bubbles (feat. megahz)
– rodrigo bento – corpo
– oilst & baerg – sophia (amount remix)
– victor norman & memory lake – we have come to be danced (featuring naomi ruma)
– lui mafuta – anti-matter
– maugli – kiliman
– khinea la layla (song for layla) – jupiter91 edit
– lemar corange – north phase (thomass jackson remix)
– donato dozzy & anna caragnano – parola (rework)