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Sattva EP by Nathan Hall

Kicking off 2021, Nathan Hall’s Sattva EP provides three moody slow techno offerings, with Kusht, Manski and jiony on remix duties. Nathan Hall focuses on the darker side of music, with texture and atmosphere being the main subject matter of the EP. Born from short bursts of inspiration in the greyed out winters of the Pacific Northwest all original mixes are laced with pensive, apocalyptic vibes. Expect synth pads kissed by the 80s, melancholic lead parts that break through and underline hypnotic arrangements and subtle organic percussions. Kusht’s remix lifts up these organic parts, supported by additional guitar lines to create his own signature version of These Days while Manski’s energetic version is a gritty banger with a touch of Leftfield House. Contributing a stripped-down remix jiony is rounding out the EP as a whole by adding psychedelic elements to keep up the spirit of Nathan Hall’s Sattva EP for a proper start into 2021.
released February 19, 2021

Mastering: Robert Trifunovic
Artwork: Vakat