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Voodoo Volume by Paul Traeumer

Oh, hi you!

Almost didn’t see you there… You weren’t sneaking up on us, were you?
If you’ve followed us so closely, you might have noticed, it’s been already three years of Drosssel shenanigans.
But we’re not too keen on birthdays ourselves, we rather celebrate someone else for a change.

Since the temperatures are rising and people start gathering around fires and dancing like they perform occult rites, we give you a selection of voodoolicious tunes, straight out of Dunkeldeutschland:

Paul Traeumer — Voodoo Volume

Darkness and light, safety and fright in the form of sound — slow, not so slow, not so fast — it was about time to broaden your horizon a little more, don’t you think? Beware of the basslines, and let those distorted vocals lead you into complete disarray, before the sun is rising again.

A mysterious 4-track EP, accompanied by 3 lovely and wildly intoxicating remixes. Mexican trip advisor Isaac Soto and Voll Schön’s Etcha, each came up with a completely different interpretation “Goldstück”, while Daensen and Danger Dave make their first appearance as DAENGER and have a go at “Astronauten & Fliegen”.

Better start collecting fire wood.

eleased May 22, 2019