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UM by Batida

Batida presents a collection of unreleased mixes, lost versions and remastered tracks in one album, “UM”.

UM includes new tracks “Do The Right Thing!” featuring Portuguese trio Spaceboys, and Batida’s remix of long lost 1960s Angolan track Drás Firmino’s “Ufeko Disole” (also written as Ufeko Ndisole).

Bringing together sounds of kuduro, soukous and benga with modern electronic production, the UM collection also includes remixes from Clap! Clap!, as well as Angolan producer DJ Satelite – a pioneer of kuduro and Afro house, and fellow Lisbon electronic artists such as rising talent DJ Marfox and Octa Push.

The word “um” has double meaning for Batida in a very personal way – meaning the number 1 in Portuguese and as in “hmm”, an Angolan sound to start many words in Umbundo, the main language spoken in Huambo – the city where artist Pedro Coquenão (aka Batida) was born.

The front cover features artwork made in collaboration with Lewis Heriz, based on an African-style mask that Batida created as part of his live shows.
released November 27, 2020

featuring Spaceboys, Dj Satelite, Drás Firmino, Mbiri Young Stars, Carlos Lamartine, Aj Holmes, Clap! Clap!, Dj Marfox, Dj Leo, Octa Push and Beat Laden.

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