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The Unfurls by Evadney

Born and raised in the UK, Evadney grew up in a large Caribbean family with a Jamaican mother and Barbadian father. Influenced by old school soca and calypso tunes through to artists such as Kate Bush, Bjork and Grace Jones, he later studied the likes of John Cale, Stockhausen and Musique concrete during his MA in Music Composition at Goldsmiths University. He’s now based in Brighton, splitting his time between making music, working at a charity organization and DJing at the weekends.

Debuting early in 2019, Evadney’s music is ultimately inspired by the politics of sexuality, identity and his own intersectionality. Electronic, poetic, melancholic and cinematic, his productions are both leftfield and pop whilst always featuring a compelling narrative.

“The Unfurls is about states of transformation, into more beauty, more knowing and more strength to create and move the pieces of my life. When I think of what is important for me to be doing in my music right now, it is to unfurl and to be seen as who I really am so it happily makes sense to me that these songs are each an embodiment of that.” – Evadney
released July 26, 2019