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Peligrosa 10 Year Anniversary Compilation by Discos Peligrosa

Peligrosa, the Texas crew and party that started in 2007, celebrates their 10 year anniversary in December. To commemorate this landmark event Discos Peligrosa is releasing this star studded compilation featuring artists who have, throughout the years, contributed to the Peligrosa movement, either through cross-genre music releases on the label or energetic performances at the events.

Hyper-creative and rousing, this compilation immerses us in the multi-dimensional compositions of masters from around the globe. From Cali to Peru, from Mexico to Hungary, this compilation brings together an expansive array of sounds reinterpreted through cultural colloquialisms permeating in and around the global and eclectic soundscapes of today’s borderless music community.

Dead Stare & Chong-X
Raka Rich
El Dusty ft La Diabla
Jefferson D Lion
Dj Chap
Royal Highness
Niña Dioz
Dave Nada & Orión García
released December 15, 2017

Artwork by Orbitron