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Heimlich IV by Heimlich Musik

The fourth compilation released by Heimlich Musik consists of 15 tracks showing the broadest range of all compilations so far. With the idea to represent the whole musical spectrum that Heimlich stands for, the label sticks to combining newcomers, old and new friends as well as well-established artists. Daniel Steinfels starts off an episode of trippy elements followed by tracks from artists such as Arutani and Hobta, just to name a few, who pick up this idea of spacy synth elements. The first psychedelic episode is followed by rather organic interpretations from artists such as Ulisses, Xique-Xique and many more that drive the compilation to South America and right back again without forgetting about the latest Disco-ish side of the Heimlich imprint featuring a track by the infamous Janefondas. El Remolon is completing the journey by finishing it with a piece that is keeping up the trippy first part while including elements influenced by Regaton and Cumbia.
released February 21, 2019

Artwork: Vakat
Mastering: Robert Trifunovic