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Ashtar by Deep Filip

Cosmovision Records is happy to present you “Ashtar” the first downtempo EP by Filip Chlipalski aka Deep Filip, a journey filled with hypnotic sonic spaces plus 2 great remixes from Joss Martin and The Oddness.

About this EP:
”Ashtar signifies for me the awakening in consciousness that is currently happening on this planet. I have been deeply involved in this for the last couple of years and I believe that in the next couple of years we will be meeting our galactic family in physical form.

Ashtar is a commander (it is a collective group of lightbeings, not one person) from the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, who are assisting us in this ascension process. There are various human beings who are channeling the messages that Ashtar is bringing to us in these times of awakening, to assist us and help us understand where we are coming from.

Bashar is also a group of multidimensional beings who are being channeled for a couple of decades to bring us messages… more
released April 8, 2020