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SHADY by Shady

Better known as one half of the Stavroz quartet, Pieter De Meester and Maxim Helincks turn up on A Tribe Called Kotori with their self-titled third studio effort as Shady, following up to “Your Skin” EP on Beat & Path last year. Grinding a wide set of influences through oddball, genre-bending compositions, the pair has been carving out its own wonky, cross-curricular sound grammar away from normative restrictions and creative-hindering behaviourism – like the weird brainchild to Soulwax, Nicolas Jaar and Connan Mockasin.

“Can I Be Yours” gets the ball rolling on a spectral pop tip, blending together the vaporous spook of ultra-processed riffs with mischievous drum play and hypnotically smooth-tongued vocals dissolving in rippling delays. A further nocturnal affair, “Cruisin” goes a more sensuous, electro-friendly route, beaconed with hints of washed-out folk and cosmo-ambient spaciousness. The Cali vibes meet spoken Brit post-punk motif’d (think Baxter Dury out for a quick surf session with the Beach Boys) “Sun” rounds off the ride on a catchy Mod-like note, merging to perfection the swinging London’s debonair charm with that of the west coast’s typical carefreeness of being. That’s ocean-spray bottled in a tune.

released October 28, 2022