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Mawimbi Summer Sampler by Various Artists

Five years into its existence, Mawimbi Records has carved its own special place in the field of contemporary dance music, championing traditional sounds while setting its eyes to the future. With a dozen albums and EPs from the likes of Loya, Onipa, Pouvoir Magique, Umeme, Africaine 808, Umoja and many other upcoming artists, Mawimbi Records still has many wonders to unveil, hence this « Summer Sampler », made of 4 tracks taken from forthcoming Mawimbi Records releases.

Taken from Onipa’s 2nd EP (to be released next july together with Wormfood London), « Maadi3 » has the spontaneity and cheerfulness of a true Ghanaian highlife classic, while its modern production and arrangement make for a true summer anthem designed for dancefloors.

A powerful dance track loaded with catchy vocal hooks from Ghanaian talent Zongo Abongo, « Tell Me Why You Worry » is taken from Burland’s self-titled debut EP (to be released in september) and a true demonstration of his ability to make contemporary club rhythms intertwine in a playful, highly danceable way.

« Global Integration » is London-based producer Marot first ever original production and a beautiful deep house journey designed for after hour parties and hot summer nights. After a brilliant forray into UK bass music with his stomping remix of Onipa’s track « I Know », Marot ventures into a more soulful territory, blending an hypnotic acid pattern with ritual Yoruba drums and dreamy pads.

Last but not least, Mawimbi is thrilled to offer further exposure to transterritorial outfit Ritmi & Rumori, gathering musicians and producers from Senegal, Uruguay and Italy. « Wou Moundou Long » sounds a bit like a Bill-Laswell produced track, drawing into dub, mbalax and electronic music. The track is a deep journey, with intricate instrumental arrangements and hypnotizing vocals from Senegalese talent Donald Boucal.
released June 28, 2019

Written, produced and mixed by Tom Excell.
Written and performed by K.O.G
Mastered by Bob Macc

“Tell Me Why You Worry”
Written, produced & mixed by Tom Burland.
Vocals performed by Zongo Abongo.
Recorded and engineered by Scott Wade.
Mastered by Cem Oral at Jammin Masters (Berlin).

“Wou Moundou Long”
Donald Boucal: voice & lyrics
Nandy Cabrera: drums, bass, synths
Luca Pastore: synths, drum machine
Ndongo Faye: Djembé, Sabar
Mohamed Camara: Calabash
Nina Boucal: Water Calabash
Joseph Ibrahin: electric guitar
Sergio Albano: aluminium guitar
Mohamed Sylla: Balafon

Mixed by Nandy Cabrera in TAZ, Montevideo, Uruguay
Mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering, Berlin, Germany
Recorded in: Trail studio lab (Napoli, Italy), La Case a Musique, Sobo Bade (Toubab Dialaw, Sénégal), mixed in TAZ (Montevideo, Uruguay).

“Global Integration”
Written, produced & mixed by Christian Marot.
Mastered by Cem Oral at Jammin Masters (Berlin).

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