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Morgensonne – Behrooz Zandi Remix by David Rausch

David Rausch is back with his infamous german lyrics.
Floating gently on top of a funky Ketapop cloud, it’s raining inspiration.
With just a few words he manages to express the feelings of the whole weekend generation.
Morgensonne is meant to take away the fear of the shadow that occupies many in these isolated times.
To remind us that “we” are still there – It was not a dream.
It can’t get more Berlin than this.

We are extremely happy to have Behrooz Zandi from Tehran as remixer on this release.
His approach is taking the track into a more playful direction, very sweet and fresh to the ear.

Have a listen now, we are excited to read your feedback.
Written by @davidrausch in Berlin
Remixed by @behrooz-zandi in Tehran
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