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Heidenreich feat. ANGST vor GRETA – Fleur Du Mal (Amount Remix) [Wuza]

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The text is a hodgepodge of original texts from Charles Baudelaires’ main volume of the same title.

His main poetic work was primarily concerned with the weariness and boredom of the bourgeoisie and the accompanying alienation of existence. Carried by sadness and melancholy, Fleur Du Mal wants to present itself in different guises.

Whether danceable or in quiet minutes as delicate chord variations; similar to the original book of poems, the entire release is multi-faceted, lively and at its core born from the same world-weariness.

The original vocals by ANGST vor GRETA are a symbiosis of their original soundtrack and a complementary soundtrack, which gets its characteristic sound through its semitone boost.

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