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Schicksalsmelodie by GATS

Welcome traveller!

We’ve seen it coming… Summer is slowly fading, but there is yet some precious sunlight to grab!
A long time in the process and still perfectly on schedule arrives our latest installment to melodize the change of seasons and to soothe summers send-off into the southern parts.

It was once foretold, a long time family member by the name of GATS would come to the light and bring with him a bundle of sounds, gathered on his quests, begotten with close accomplices.

The melancholicly beautiful “Schicksalsmelodie” is finally caught in the moment and ready to be unleashed into its future.

On “Cabo Verde” GATS got his y e l a g u a band members Lagoon and tmpl on board to sail around the shores and get lost in the siren calls.

And then third original “Christian Acid”, instrumentally supported by Russian slowburner Donev, may guide you to spiritual freedom, or just take you on a ride. Might be up to you, i guess.

And what would all this frenzy be about, if we didn’t have two fine remodels to go with it, thought of and conceived by the… more
released August 30, 2018

‘Schicksalsmelodie’ was written & produced by Matthias (GATS)
‘Cabo Verde’ was written & produced by Matthias, Laetitia (Lagoon) and Benny (tmpl)
‘Christian Acid’ was written & produced by Matthias and Donev

Mastering by Tilmann (Haunted Water)

Artwork by VOLA (