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Ao Cabo Leirín by FAIA

The music we have inside is not the one we discovered in the latest fashion playlist, or in that mass festival on duty. The music that we carry inside is that which we have heard our grandmothers and mothers sing in domestic spaces; the one that we heard in a bar in reflon; the songs that sneak from the neighbor’s house.

FAIA has decided to investigate around the songs and traditional Galician music and, above all, the women who sing them, the stories that are attached to those music. “Ao cabo leirín”, Faia Díaz’s first solo album, projects, through a deep research process, as much domestic sensitivity as history and feminism.

In this album, published in the spring of 2019 in vinyl format, two faces cohabit: one, that of the artist herself singing these traditional songs in spaces as diverse as a tavern, a closet or the heat of a fireplace; another, recovering recordings and voices of women who, like her, turned these songs into the storytelling of recent decades.

Months after the album was published in physical format, we present to you from Raso Estudio and on all digital platforms the first of the faces: the one FAIA interprets with Hevi (alma mater of Malandrómeda, Fluzo or Juanito Broders, among other projects) As an ally and artistic producer. An album in which there are no effects or filters or post-production.

Everything has been sung and recorded in raw; and everything comes to our ears in the same way: with the truth as an exposed fracture, and in which dialogue occurs both from what is sung and where is sung, where is it heard, where does it come from and where does it go.

released January 16, 2020

Music and lyrics: Traditional (Except “Berenguela”, with lyrics by Ramón Cabanillas)
Voice and interpreter: Faia Díaz
Recording Technician: Hevi
Mastering: Cem Oral