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Mirando El Sol – Lu:sid & J.Pool (Ibiza Sunset | Live Improvisation)

Sometimes you meet someone and you know right away that the universe has put this person on your path for a reason. I felt that way last summer in Ibiza when I met Fabio Garces aka Lu:sid. We realized very quickly that our ideas, intentions, visions, and musical taste were very aligned, and in a short time had the opportunity to co-create many magical moments and sonic experiences together on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Before making this video, we had never performed together, only jammed in his epic studio van a few times. He told me his friend Orban Wallace that is an amazing videographer was on the island for a few days and said we should try to make something happen all together before he left. Orban had already scouted this spot and felt inspired to make something here, so on his last day we all made it out for sunset and made it happen. We carried the solar battery & all the equipment by hand down to the end of this rocky point, set everything up, made a quick sound check, and then shot all of this video and recorded all in one take. Pure resonance & magic!

We hope you enjoy this video showing the absolutely incredible natural beauty of Ibiza, as well as a taste of what Lu:sid is doing in his live sets accompanied by some live guitar and vocals from myself.

Much love

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